Review: Daughters of Bad Men by Laura Oles

“Jamie Rush understands what it takes to disappear because her parents taught her that long ago. Leveraging her knowledge of why and how people run from their own lives, Jamie has built a business based on bringing those in hiding back to answer for their actions. She takes pride in using her somewhat shady skills to work both inside and outside the law.

When her estranged brother, Brian, calls and says his daughter is missing, Jaime initially turns down the case. Kristen has always been a bit wild, frequently dropping off the grid then showing up a few days later. But Brian swears this time is different, and even though Jamie vowed years ago to keep her conniving sibling at arm’s length, she can’t walk away if Kristen could be in real trouble.

As Jamie begins digging into Kristen’s life, she uncovers her niece’s most guarded secrets. Uncovering the truth will put a target on Jamie’s back and endanger the lives of those she loves”

When JKS Communications reached out to me asking if I would be willing to review Daughters of Bad Men, a book containing a strong and smart lead lady with an adorable doggie sidekick, I had a hard time saying no! Doesn’t get much better than crime-solving ladies and puppies!

This stunning debut was more than I had bargained for and reminded me a lot of the Janet Evanovich “number series” (One for the Money, etc.). One of the things that was really refreshing about this book was that there was no romantic twist to it and the lead female character was solely focused on her goals she needed to accomplish (imagine that… not all women are focused on romance wooow).

One of my other favorite things about this book was that Jamie has a coworker and fellow PI named Cookie. Who isn’t intimidated by someone named Cookie after all? Haha!

The characters in this book were well developed and I really enjoyed this read. I am actually going to pass it on to my Mom to read now, as this is the type of book that I believe can be easily enjoyed by all who read it despite their reading preferences.

Overall, I give this book a 3/5 stars and I enjoyed it very much!


Thank you so much to JKS Communications for sending an early review copy my way, sending me the CUTE little dog stuffed animal that put a huge smile on my face, and for having Laura Oles sign the book. It meant so much to me! 🙂


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