5 Irrefutable Reasons Why Hufflepuff is the Best Hogwarts House

Alright, listen up. There’s a dirty rumor going around that has been circulating through the Potter Universe since the beginning of time and I am here to strike it down HARD. That rumor is that Hufflepuff is the worst house to be in and that, in some way, Hufflepuffs are wimps/useless/stupid. Nothing could be further from the truth. How do I know that? Because I am probably the most proud Hufflepuff on the planet and I have NO TIME for this nonsense and lies.

While there are 4000 reasons I can think of that make Hufflepuff the best house, here are 5 irrefutable pieces of evidence that make me a proud Hufflepuff:

  1. J.K. Rowling herself has said that Hufflepuffs are her favorite.Let me break this down for you. The creator of the entire series herself said that Hufflepuff is her FAVORITE house. Need proof? Check out this interview where she explains why Hufflepuff is her favorite (some of her reasons are the same reasons for why I also think Hufflepuff is the best house).

    J.K. Hufflepuff

  2. Hufflepuffs were the ONLY Hogwarts House aside from Gryffindor whose students stayed en masse to fight at the Battle of Hogwarts. 

    That’s right, Ravenclaws and Slytherins ran off into the sunset to avoid the battle in large numbers, but Hufflepuffs and Gryffindors were the only ones who stayed and fought bravely. Gryffindors are known for their bravery and strength, but, as J.K. explains in the interview I mentioned above, the Hufflepuffs stayed for an even BETTER reason. The reason? The Sorting Hat hints to why in his first song in The Sorcerer’s Stone: “You might belong in Hufflepuff, where they are just and loyal. Those patient Hufflepuffs are true, and unafraid of toil.” Because of the Hufflepuff dedication to justice, loyalty, being true to themselves and their friends, and their fearlessness in the face of toil, Hufflepuffs remain the heroes of the Battle of Hogwarts and without them, wizard and mugglekind would have been screwed! So, you are welcome! 😉

  3. Two words: Cedric Diggory 

    I know what you’re thinking with this one because almost every single person I use this argument with says “but he like totally died lololololol.” BUT what they fail to realize is the actions that LEAD to his death. He didn’t just slip on a banana peel and die, he died because he was doing things, incredibly brave things, that lead him to that moment in the graveyard.During the Triwizard Tournament, the most capable and WORTHY entrant is chosen to compete by the Triwizard Cup, an unbiased source (unless a total jerk tampers with the Cup, but I digress). Cedric Diggory, Hufflepuff extraordinaire, is chosen by the Cup. Out of every entrant from EVERY house, Diggory is chosen. Hence, he is the most worthy. Furthermore, without Diggory, Harry would have failed the tournament and never likely figured out the challenge at the Black Lake. Diggory also helped Harry fight through the last challenge, the maze, and agreed, YES, AGREED (because Hufflepuffs are loyal, just, and KIND), to make the win a tie and grab the cup at the same time (hence them both being transported by the Portkey). Yes, he did end up dying, but he died valiantly at the hands of the most evil wizard that ever lived protecting a friend that he cared for.

    So, in summation, Cedric Diggory is the perfect student example of why Hufflepuffs are the best. Point. Blank. Period. No further questions.

  4. Out of all of the Houses, Hufflepuff is the only one to accept ALL people regardless of their courage, smarts, or otherwise.

    In another Sorting Hat song that takes place during the Goblet of Fire, the Hat outlines the things that are valued most to each of the House founders (Godric Gryffindor, Rowena Ravenclaw, Helga Hufflepuff, and Salazar Slytherin):“By Gryffindor, the bravest were
    Prized far beyond the rest;
    For Ravenclaw, the cleverest
    Would always be the best;
    For Hufflepuff, hard workers were
    Most worthy of admission;
    And power-hungry Slytherin
    Loved those of great ambition.”

    Notice how Gryffindor values bravery, Ravenclaw values those who are clever, and Slytherin values ambition. Hufflepuff on the other hand? They value those who are hard workers and willing to do their best. To me, this means that Hufflepuff is the most inclusive House of all, taking students on who want to be there and are willing to put in the work to be successful. Forget about the rest, if you want to be here, we will take you!

  5. Hufflepuff and dark wizards? Nah, man. 

    Every single house has boasted lots of dark wizards. When Voldemort started gaining more and more power, Death Eaters from each house came out in abundance to show their support. Hufflepuffs didn’t have a seat at that table. Why? Again… loyal, just, kind, patient, morally sound. Hufflepuffs don’t kill their friends… they just don’t!

Alright, friends. Are you convinced that Hufflepuff is the best house yet? I will admit that I give Gryffindor an honorable mention here, but if I had to choose my house over again, I would still choose Hufflepuff every time.

What is your Hogwarts House and why are YOU proud to be in it?

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