15 Thoughts I Have While Reading

If you are one of those people who can read a book and not think much of what you are reading and just take it as it is and roll with the punches, you are incredibly lucky. As someone who can be hypercritical of everything, including the books I read, I have an inner monologue going on at all times while reading, chatting to myself about my thoughts and opinions on the book both positive and negative.

Curious to know what I think about? Here are 15 common thoughts I have while reading:

  1. “Okay, here we go, new book. I wonder how the pages smell…. Yup, smells like paper. So satisfying!”
  2. “Alright, so I guess this is just another watered down version of Hunger Games with a “magical twist.” Glad we are on the same page here…”
  3. “Okay, this girl is getting WAY too detailed about that man’s eyelashes and hair. Give it 2 more chapters and they will be making out.”
  4. “How the heck are they making out already?? They just met at that stupid club an hour ago!!!”
  5. “Yes, because that’s totally what a woman would say about her body while undressing in front of her boyfriend. Totally realistic.”
  6. “Wait, who is that person again? The main character’s best friend’s brother’s cousin? Okay, got it.”
  7. “Welp, there’s a racist/sexist/homophobic/prejudice comment. Throwing this thing RIGHT in the trash.”
  8. “How many more pages do I have left in this book? 200? Yeah, I can totally finish this in 30 minutes.”
  9. “Wait, was that a typo?? YESSSSS!!! I FOUND ONE!!!!”
  10. “Could this chair BE any more uncomfortable??? *flips upside down with legs behind head* Okay, that’s not great either….”
  11. “Where the heck did my bookmark go?!”
  12. “I KNEW HE WAS THE KILLER!!! I am a genius. I deserve a genius award of some sort…”
  13. “I think I need more snacks to really enjoy this book.”
  14. “How do you even pronounce this person’s name? Fantasy novels be cray…”
  15. “Phew. Another book finished…. Now what…?”

So there you have it, your exclusive sneak peek into my mind during reading! Does anyone else have similar thoughts? Different ones? Let me know! 🙂


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